A respectable crowd fronted on a lovely kihikihi evening for the North Island Streetstock title. Many in the crowd seemed to think it was hot, utilising umbrella's to shield the sun. What looked like a good meeting on paper was a snorefest for the first two rounds of racing with fans able to catch up on some sleep. Track conditions weren't the problem, a second line coming in for those who wanted to use it. Unbelievably the programme had no points table and the commentator, who was the worst I've listened to in my life, was of no assistance throughout the meeting so apologies if any details are wrong.

Race 1
After Streetstock hot laps (no I'm not joking) the 21 car field assembled for the opening heat. A bit of contact unfolded on the opening couple of laps in what was a clean race, 747r Luke Steadman was spun down the back straight, 61k Blair Castleton was spun on the exit of turn 4 and on the second lap 16r Trevor de Malmanche went around solo in turns 3&4. That was the extent of the action. The race boiled down to a duel fit for a big Midget event. 58r Mike King on the pole line and 2nz Wayne Melling on the high side. Like Tyler Courtney on Kyle Larson, Melling would cut back from the high line exiting turn 4 to slip up the inside of King to take the win. The top five as I had them were 2nz Wayne Melling, 58r Mike King, 12k Daniel Curran, 11r Steve de Malmanche, 9r Chris Shingleton.

Race 2
Following the opening race which was held in the wrong direction, heat 2 was back to the regular way. All 21 entrants were on the start line for this one. Like the opening heat contact was more akin to a youth ministock race than a Streetstock title. 12a Branden Rogers was spun out down the back straight and soon after a melee erupted exiting turn four. 848r Richard Bracken was left stricken on the infield whilst 31w Glen Wood was high and dry in turn one. The red lights were activated under which 74w Caleb Madgwick joined his track-mate on the grass. A group of around six favourites established themselves at the front of the field, putting on some close racing.

61k Blair Castleton and 2nz Wayne Melling were able to establish a small gap over the other combatants. However this time there was to be no final corner heroics from Melling, Castleton taking a win for the local contingent.

After two heats points were as follows:
2nz Wayne Melling - 41 points
9r Chris Shingleton - 36 points
12k Daniel Curran - 35 points
58r Mike King - 35 points
61k Blair Castleton - 33 points
51a Craig Anderson - 30 points

Race 3
18 cars fronted for the third heat which was held in the regular direction. Melling had the points lead but with no other cars from Hawkes Bay or Gisborne in the field he was going to have to do it the hard way. After a dour day this race was more like it! 858r Shane Bracken and 848r Richard Bracken showed no interest whatsoever in racing, falling back immediately with sinister intentions. 12k Daniel Curran was the first of the big guns to cop some attention, getting caught up with 37a Ron McGrath who was in the thick of the action for the duration of the race. Melling soon came under attack, 858r Shane Bracken just missing with a swipe. Next time around Melling wasn't so lucky as Bracken executed the spin in village bend, dropping Melling down the order.

9r Chris Shingleton was the race leader and the provisional champion but came under attack from 37a Ron McGrath in rodeo bend. It was a close thing but McGrath just missed the shot and was quickly spun out the way by 16r Trevor de Malmanche. The action down the pack was happening thick and fast. Coming out of rodeo bend, 12a Branden Rogers executed a big barrell roll on 7s Darron Jeffrey. That's what the fans had come to see! The race resumed, as did the action. The Rotorua contingent wasn't done with Melling yet! 59r Alan King executing another shot on the 2nz entry. Melling recovered only to be lapped by Shingleton on the finish line.

The sparks flew as the 2nz ran along the wall. After the chequered flag, accidentally or otherwise, Melling reverse spun Shingleton! It was inconsequential, there were seven cars still on the lead lap giving Shingleton enough of a points gap to overhaul Melling and take the North Island Streetstock Title. Melling still had enough to be announced in second with 58r Mike King announced in third.