Clyde Martin Memorial Lanco Speedway

Last Visited - 2016
Track Distance - 1/8 mile
Facilities - Limited
City/Town - Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania, USA
Website -

Location - This is one of the most bizarre routes to a speedway track on the planet. You will think you're in the middle of one of those horror films where things start going wrong. The track is accessed via a series of narrow roads, some without centerlines, through an area full of wooded trees. You will need to take the Philadelphia turnpike then good luck. It is likely you will lose the GPS at times on this route so be prepared for that to happen.

Parking - Is behind the back straight in a paddock with a gradient. The speedway doesn't hold a large capacity so although the carpark isn't large it's probably adequate to house a full house.

Premiere Meeting - The USAC Midgets made their debut at this track in 2016 and if they continue to include this place in their PA Midget week then make sure you are trackside.

Also worth attending - This is a Micro facility and I believe the weekly show consists of different Micro Sprint grades. I'm not sure if the ARDC Midgets make an appearance but if they do they are worth a look.

Best spot to sit - Seating is largely limited to the front straight. There are some good spots high up above turn 4 but if you miss out then settle for the main stand down the front straight. Pick a spot as far back as you can to avoid flying firt and to obtain the best view.

Classes run - Midgets, Microsprints.

Uniqueness - This track is a tiny 1/8th mile. Being on the infield is downright scary as the infield is tiny! The track itself is extremely racey due to it's large width relative to its size and the banking which really kicks up right out by the wall. High, low, slide jobs, cutbacks, this track produces it all. It's a real elbows up style of racing. The track also features one of the better safety fences I've come across in US Speedway.