Tracks - Percy's NZ Speedway

Wellington Speedway

Last Visited - 2009

Location - The Te Marua track is located a fair distance north of Wellington. From the capital take the road north to the upper/lower hutt area. Go for miles and you will eventually reach the track which is on your left. Check the official website for detailed instructions.

Parking - Parking is in the area surrounding the track. For purposes of exiting the arena try and park as close to the entrance as possible. There is only one road in/out and on a big night the carpark can take some time to empty, especially with the turn onto the main highway holding up cars exiting the carpark.

Premiere Meeting - The Wellington Stockcar champs is a hotly contested title. The capital city has housed the cream of Stockcar drivers in recent years and the Wellington Young Guns are one of the great Stockcar teams. Add in a fair few Palmy cars and you can only conclude that this is one of the hardest titles to win.

Also worth attending - I'm sure this track used to hold an ANZAC day meeting. Doesn't appear to be on the 2010/11 calendar. Te Marua is not a track with big meeting on it's calendar. It does get it's fair share of SNZ Championships so keep an eye out for these as there is little to get excited about on the regular season calendar.

Best spot to sit - The track does suffer from a lack of height. The best spot is probably the poorly designed stands that maximise space to walk up and down whilst providing as little seating as possible. Other seating around the track consists of wooden benches so take a softening device to avoid numbness.

Classes run - Youth Ministocks, Stockcars, Superstocks, Production Saloons, Saloons, Super Saloons, Modifieds, Minisprints, Sprintcars, Streetstocks, Sidecars.

Uniqueness - It's a little difficult to identify what is unique about the place. The track is a standard, relatively symmetric quarter mile with little in the way of banking. The surface is also fairly standard.