A better than expected, but average crowd filed through the turnstiles for the opening Waikaraka Park meeting. Conditions were unpleasant courtesy of a stiff breeze that saw fans reaching for thick jackets, scarves and other arctic weather items. The meeting never came close to reaching the $25 entry charge but did have it's highlights. Stockcars were easily the best class on the night so we'll be talking Stockcars in this report.

Race 1
The first race of the night is traditionally a flag race, let alone the first race of the season. However, nobody told the drivers who evidently had some pent-up off-season frustration to release! The traditional first corner jam ultimately resulted in an early finish for 38a Luke Roberts. 5a Jarred Lewis joining Luke on the infield and at the other end of the track 17a Luke Irvine was assisted off. The race got back underway with 45a Corey Baker establishing a gap over a hungry pack of 6 or so drivers.

A little further back 979h Shaun Jury turned right on 123a Jarrad Green, slotting him perfectly up the wall and into a spectacular roll! Sadly we'd lose Jury under the red with what looked to be a wheel guard issue. 32a Brad Wearing went infield in a cloud of steam on the front straight. The race got back underway with 9a Jordan Baldwin emerging from the pack to run down and pass Baker around the outside for the lead. Baker was having none of it, turning hard right on the exit of turned two, planting Baldwin and himself head first into the wall! A novel way to try and take the lead but high on entertainment. 8a Logan Peat and 95a Gary Lonergan had a race long battle which resolved in favour of Lonergan who went on to take the chequered ahead of 4a Brad Simpson and Peat.

Race 2
Things calmed down in the second heat, though it wss still a good race. 8a Logan Peat led away from the green. A little further back 47a Bill Fletcher survived a skirmish with 659a Matt Nathan, going over the bonnet of the 659a. Both would live to fight another day. 95a Gary Lonergan and 14a Dillon Williamson were briefly locked together, somehow briefly putting 9a Jordan Baldwin up the front straight wall whilst trying to sort out their predicament.

979h Shaun Jury earned himself another mention, spinning 47a Bill Fletcher. All the while it was a Sunday drive for 8a Logan Peat who was in control for the duration of the race, winning from 32a Brad Wearing and 4a Brad Simpson.

Race 3
The third race was contested fastest to the rear. A tantalising front row of combatants 979h Shaun Jury and 123a Jarrad Green was an absolute fizzer but the race wasn't. The quick contingent quickly made their way through the pack. 32a Brad Wearing turned hard right exiting turn two on 45a Corey Baker, putting him up the back straight wall. Baker was able to get down to earth with the two continuing their side battle entering turn three.

A number of cars retired with right rear issues, a rut on the exit of turn two perhaps a factor. The rut was certainly a factor for those sitting in the area who were dodging some large lumps of clay. 95a Gary Lonergan and 9a Jordan Baldwin two drivers to suffer right rear failures. Jury was in the highlights again, a perfectly timed punt on 55a Steve Sheriff sending Sheriff into the turn three wall. Through is all it was that man again 8a Logan Peat who came through from the back to take the win, capping a memorable night.