Tracks - Percy's NZ Speedway

Rosebank Road

Last Visited - 2011

Location - Rosebank Road Speedway is all of five minutes up the North-Western motorway from Western Springs Speedway. Go up the North-Western and take the Rosebank Road off-ramp. At the roundabout take the road to get back on the motorway and on your immediate left should be an entranceway to a road that will take you up alongside the motorway on-ramp.

Parking - Parking appeared to be at the top of turns 1 & 2 with earlybirds able to view the track from their vehicles. For the big meetings the go kart track behind turns 3 & 4 provides parking, although you will be forced to wait for a break in the racing as the way to the go-kart track goes perilously close to the speedway track.

Premiere Meeting - No meeting on the annual calendar sticks out of the pack as a must attend. Attendances from the international solo riders would be the highlight of most seasons.

Also worth attending - Auckland solo and sidecar champs.

Best spot to sit - Seating is limited to the top of turns 1 & 2. But the small crowds mean you wont have too much difficulty finding a spot. A westerly breeze could lead to uncomfortable conditions as the bank is exposed. The best option is probably to get there early and get a spot in you vehicle.

Classes run - Solo's, Sidecar's, Quarter Midgets, Junior Solo's

Uniqueness - Rosebank is a specialist bike track and the speedway is a bit different to what we see at your standard New Zealand speedway. In the North Island the only specialist bike tracks we see are bull ring style tracks that don't showcase the best of the sport. As a real bike track Rosebank does showcase the best of the bike classes.